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The Beginning of Great Things

Time and seasons are elements of the earth. They were established by God for our benefit (Genesis 8:22). As a result of their uniqueness, every season serves a different purpose. For instance summer is ridiculously hot while winter is generally freezing cold, especially in certain parts of the world. Likewise, Spring is very different from Autumn and other seasons of the year. They are all different and carry different conditions and benefits.

New seasons are especially welcoming after long periods of difficulties or trials. Think about a battery that constantly operates a television, car, radio or tool. As potent as that battery is to do what it was created for during a certain time, after a while it loses its energy and needs to be recharged or replaced. Although we are more than a lifeless object such as a battery, in a similar manner, God has allowed us the privilege of new seasons to recharge and reset so that we can be more effective in what is next.

Today I want to implore you, regardless of what you have gone through personally and globally as a result of the pandemic and other factors over the past several months, don’t be fearful and don’t be too cautious. Why? Sometimes out of fear and caution, we limit our expectations for having a great year. Caution, while it is somewhat beneficial, can limit our faith and prevent us from taking hold of new opportunities and lessons that the Lord is affording us. Fear will do the same, so it is important that we remember that God has not given us a spirit of fear. Instead, He has given us power, love and sound mindedness. Let’s run with those and embrace our new beginning!

Expect God’s prosperity and peace in 2022 as you pray and walk in obedience to Him. Regardless of the negative that you see and hear around you, have high expectations in this new year that you will see great things in your personal life, your marriage, your family, your ministry, your career, your children, your finances, your education as well as in your business. Know the Living God who has allowed you to enter into this new time of your life and trust Him to carry you through prosperously. I pray that the Lord will keep you under His pavilion, in the place of spiritual Goshen and allow you to receive all that He has for you in this new and rich season. May He do exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think for 2022 and beyond. Happy New Year!

Every blessing

Your sister in Christ


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