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Partnership is a very important thing. When two or more persons join together regarding any matter things can happen as they’ve purposed. You see, there is power in agreement and that is exactly what partnership is about. Agreement. It’s what a husband and wife do when they marry one another. It’s what business partners do when they choose to work together. It’s what leaders do when they decide to work together with those who follow them. Partnership is a natural part of our world because no one can do everything on their own. Even Jesus partnered with His disciples and continue to partner with us today.

One essential element for manifestation of God’s will in the earth is partnership. As followers of Christ, when we agree with God (through obedience to His word and voice), we essentially partner or enter into agreement with Him. This requires what I call direct or willing agreement on our part. Here's why, although God desires that we partner with Him daily concerning all aspects of our lives, He’ll never force us to. He waits for us to freely choose to do so.

One fact that many don’t realise is that whenever we are not in agreement with God, we are in partnership with the enemy of our soul - satan - whose only objective is to kill, steal and destroy us (John 10:10). He purposes every day to steal our joy, strength, blessings, peace and to shift us out of God’s will. Whenever we don’t agree with the truth of God’s word, we are automatically in agreement with the devil and he will not hesitate to destroy us.

That is why praying God’s word is so important. When we do, we are enforcing the agreement (covenant or contract) between us and God, which the enemy cannot derail. It’s what Jesus used against him in the wilderness (Matthew 4) and it is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). All we need to avoid partnering with hell is the word of God - to believe it, to live by it. So, whenever the devil shows up to divide our families or to infiltrate our dreams or to work through others to speak ungodly words concerning us, remember that you can partner with God! Believe and declare his word so that you can experience the blessing of partnership with Him and so that the devil will know that you are in agreement with God, not hell.


Your sister in Christ


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