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Choose to love the Lord

Where is your heart toward the Lord? Can you truly say that you love Him or do you lightly say 'Mi love God' but with an insincere heart? Some people have an emotional feeling toward God. They acknowledge Him as creator and feel 'good' toward Him because they know He is sovereign and that He also gives blessings. However, a good feeling toward God does not mean that we love Him. God himself has told us what true love toward Him looks like. I want you to read John 14:15. Go ahead and read it right now before you continue reading this article. Do you realize that it is perhaps the number one verse that tells us how God knows if we truly love Him? The ultimate measure of our love for God is not in our feelings, it's in our obedience to what He has said. That is why we need to know what God has said.

God has given us His word, His commandments on how we should live and love. Think about how much we express our love to those around us - our family, friends and even associates or other close contacts. We try our best to do what pleases them. We choose to honor and love them as an expression of our love. In a similar manner, our demonstration of love to God should be grounded in our obedience to what His word tells us. His word is right because He is a good God and He can be trusted. Just as we don't want to disrespect and dishonor those around us, let us not dishonor God. I pray that today you will choose to truly love God by walking in obedience to His word and in His will.

Blessings always,


Your sister in Christ,

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1 Comment

David Johnson
David Johnson
Jul 20, 2022

Ok really enjoyed this short article. Indeed we need to reassess our love for God.

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