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Beyond Okay

Hi friends,

What state are you in now? Are you barely managing, doing okay or are you beyond okay with your life and its various happenings? To be okay is good but that’s basic. God wants you and I to be more and to live beyond okay. Beyond okay is the place of great contentment and enjoyment of life and all its seasons. Recently, I shared something with a friend that I desire to do in my own life, even as I wait for (and work towards) the fulfillment of God’s promises in various aspects of my life. I told her that my aim is to truly enjoy God and the season that I am in - to live in the fulness of God's love for me. Although things are okay, I want to be better and live a more fulfilled, anxiety-free and trusting life. Is that your desire as well? If yes, you must recognize though that your “better” is in the place of enjoying our heavenly Father. To enjoy Him is to delight in Him every single day. It is to be thankful for every moment, to see Him at work through every circumstance and to rejoice because of His love for you. God’s word tells us that when we delight ourselves in Him, He will give us the desires of our heart (Psalm 37:4).

I’m fully aware that to be delightful is hard in difficult seasons or when you’re sick or when you are experiencing some other form of oppression. However, remember the pleasures, the joy and the solutions that we need come from delighting and rejoicing in Jehovah. So, whenever we get upset about something, become frustrated, feel worthless or uninspired or are worried about how things will pan out we should take our minds off those circumstances and exalt Him. If we can rejoice in Him while we are going through our challenges we will see His goodness in everything and we will definitely live beyond okay.

That’s one of my objectives for the remainder of this year - to simply enjoy God more and the seasons of my life that He continues to carry me through. I pray that you will also have the resolve to live beyond okay.

Feel free to add your comment below and also share this encouragement with someone else.



Your sister in Jesus Christ

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