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Accept God's Assignment, Not Man's

There are two women in the Bible who fulfilled a seemingly easy yet major assignment that was given to them by God for the ultimate benefit of millions. They are not spoken of very often but their lives are examples of what obedience to God's assignment should look like. I'm referring to Shiphrah and Puah, the two midwives who chose to obey God rather than man in Exodus 1:15-21.

The extraordinary women were tasked by the king of Egypt to kill every son born to a Hebrew woman.

The backstory that led to this predicament for the midwives who were themselves Hebrews, is that after Joseph's death (read Genesis 50:22-26) a new king arose in Egypt who did not know Joseph and who became fearful of the Israelites' might because they were great in number. Consequently, these Hebrews were given heavy burdens to bear while in Egypt; BUT the bible tells us that the more the children of Israel were afflicted, the more they multiplied and grew! That right there should make every believer glad. The more the enemy tries to limit you and afflict your life, believe that God will still allow you to multiply and grow beyond your burdens.

The advancement of the Hebrews inspite of the burdens they encountered, triggered the king of Egypt to kill the son of every Hebrew woman.

It is an ancient attempt of the enemy to kill who and what God has purposed to live. The king of Egypt gave them an assignment to kill but God gave them an assignment to preserve life. They chose God's assignment because they feared God. If they had chosen to obey the king of Egypt instead of God even Moses, the one who led Israel out of Egypt by God's power, would have died. The midwives were blessed because of their obedience to God. The Bible declares that God dealt well with them and gave them houses - in Egypt, the place where the enemy tried to switch their purpose. Can you imagine that? What an awesome God!

God will continue to raise up natural and spiritual midwives to preserve the life of His people and protect their purpose. My question to you is, can you be a midwife for God, to deliver His people and to preserve life? I pray that you will reject the voice of the enemy and accept the assignment of God. Someone is waiting on you.

Every blessing,


Your sister in Christ Jesus


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